Our Brands
Pilgrim's brand logo

For over six decades, Pilgrim's has worked with family farms to produce healthy, high-quality food products that go into some of the world's finest recipes. The Pilgrim’s brand is our flagship consumer brand in which we have multiple products through fresh chicken, fully cooked, ready to cook and individually frozen chicken. Pilgrim’s chicken is available in your local stores and deli.

Pierce Chicken brand logo

Since the 1950s, Pierce Chicken has been driven by our passion to offer the absolutely best-tasting, highest-quality chicken available in foodservice. Customers – then and now – know us for superior flavor, consistency, piece count and yield. We refused to stop there though. Innovation is in our blood. We’re always working on being the first to market the next great taste in chicken.

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Gold Kist brand logo

Gold Kist Farms has been making high-quality chicken products for the healthy student body for more than 60 years.  We provide lunch menu solutions that not only meet national nutrition guidelines, but give students the popular formats and great tast they crave.  Our K-12 expertise culminates with our smart, satisfying chicken items.

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Country Pride brand logo


Country Pride offers retail, deli and foodservice customers with quality value chicken items consumers love. We offer all types of products from savory tenders, crunchy popcorn chicken to tasty nuggets.

Savoro brand logo


The Savoro brand provides quality, great-tasting chicken products in international markets all over the world. Offering authentic flavors and Halal products, Savoro is dedicated to making products that everyone will enjoy.

Pilgrim's Mexico brand logo

Pilgrim's has three processing plants and 12 distribution centers in Mexico. We are the second largest producer and seller of chicken in Mexico.  We sell our chicken products primarily to wholesalers, large restaurant chains, fast food accounts, supermarket chains and direct retail distribution in selected markets.

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Gold'n Plump brand logo

Gold'n Plump is the Upper Midwest’s leading provider of premium branded and custom chicken products to retail, deli, foodservice, and industrial customers nationally. We’re acutely aware that consumers entrust us with the health and well-being of their families. That awareness is what drives us to make no compromises when it comes to the care of our chickens and our promise of safe, quality and truthfully labeled products.

Just Bare brand logo

Goodness. It’s what you give in a hug. It's what you feel after a long run. It's what drives you to seek out and create healthy food. That's why we're committed to delivering more goodness to more people — at the highest level possible. That means raising our own standards. It means raising our hands whenever there's an opportunity to improve. It means raising our passion to match yours. Because it's your passion that fuels ours.